Who are ‘They’ Anyway

“They,” comes in two category; the ones who impacts your life positively, refuse to accept mediocrity, and show you how to improve on yesterday. The second group is the ones that influence you to try less, do less, be less and pray less. In their company you refuse to try a second time, afraid to go to the dance, you press pause on school and harbor negative thoughts. ‘They,’ don’t want you to be anything other than the person who can sit with them and wallow in misery; then, they in turn talk behind your back. Know that futilitarians like these never believes in you, and will never believe in your ability to excel beyond the bound of their cognitive dissonance. They’re contaminants of mind and spirit, hence you must cease to allow them access to your mental apartment, take back your keys and change the locks.

Earlier in the blog I post a picture of me at a sanctuary in Barcelona lighting a candle. What I said is between me and God, however I have gotten a lot of feedback about why so many candles. Here is the way I see it, if I was kneeling down, hands clasp it would have pleased them much more, but isn’t my intention and the content of my prayer much more important?. My point is, no matter what you do, how you do it, someone will be offended. know that the problem is not with you, and if you’re the one offended ask yourself why then move on; unless you are the ‘They’ then your problem is much deeper.

No one in your life is there by chance, they are a part of life’s journey, your journey. They are meant to be there. You just have to figure out if they better your life by staying in it,  or if you need to start the eviction process. Enjoy your perfect imperfection, don’t apologize for your choices, but stand firm in your own truth. Here is a truth, ‘They,’ don’t know you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Been reading you post and i am enjoying it.keep writing and sharing regardless of who support you or not#liveyourtruth


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