More than Fiction: Believe

“Before this my life was full of wish a lonely road of hopes and dreams that soon become a mist. I remember days of struggle with pen, paper, a vast amount of if-only, someday,why and alas a dreary prayer.

The song I heard were stories of how each dream came through, but I had so many if’s that nothing seem possible. In the songs the sky was the limit and it seem all real for me, for most of my life was spent under the almond tree.The almond became my fruits, the stars my HBO; their were shapes and stories told, from the shooting star to the intricacy of the moon. All my life I prayed for something more than fiction but not until today did I realize that my dreams and my life was full of meaning and happiness.

So the only difference then and now is the scenic backdrop that no longer cast a shadow over the hill, and stars projecting glitter.”( Yeliab, 2006).


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