The Road Not Taken

We often wonder if the decisions we’re making are the right ones. Our inability to see through the opaque lens of tomorrow, today, burden our thoughts and delay our response to situations until it’s too late.We become so worried about the pitfalls that we often forget to take a step.For years on end we watch from a distance as the guy/girl move through different relationships without saying how we truly feel, and the position gets filled by an outsider who we now train for that same position.What is meant to be, can’t be, until we acknowledge its existence;in the same way faith without works is dead.People often say, I have no regrets but, can we truly go through life without regrets?.

The job we didn’t take, the trip we didn’t  make, the I love you we never said, and the NO’s that often roll off our tongue ever so effortlessly, is all apart of life lesson we must learn. Each of us is writing a book, the story of our life, some will end too soon and others will get to start a new chapter each and everyday. As the author, we will not always be present when our book is been read, however we can infuse the pages with hope.Creating a journey so profound it dares others to try, to dream, to once again have faith in the things we cannot see, and to write even when no one reads.We will love the wrong person, trust the wrong friend and buy the wrong size but only then will we know they are wrong for us. Endeavor  to prove them wrong, to stay the course, to journey beyond that which you are capable of, because only then will you know your periphery.

In my culture I grew up hearing God will provide, have faith and believe. While these are all principles I Live by they never seem to stress the action part in all this; which is getting up.   Here is the reality the job won’t come without putting in the application, the guy you’re looking for won’t find you on the couch because he probably have a job, and you won’t get it if you don’t ever ask .Whether in life, love, or friendship don’t let The Road Not Taken be a chapter in your story because, “Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a mans conscious of guilt”-Plautus

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