Life: A R&B Love Song


Ask your parents what your inception song was, believe me there’s a song. The 80’s laid it on thick it was no ordinary love and no sleep at night. Women of the 80’s were mystery ladies, Caribbean queen, superwoman or compare to the sun. Men then had so much love to give, they would call just to say I love you. The only question then was, how deep is your love? as men looked on with hungry eyes.  It was a total eclipse of the heart, with sensitive bad guys in touch with their feelings. But let’s be honest if you were fan of the 80’s the remnants of the era love blues still linger on. It might even have shaped your decision about what love is going to look like, or how men should treat a woman.  We are all victims of the 80’s R&B love waterfalls that don’t ever seem to die. Because let’s face it,we still secretly believe ‘some people are made for each other/Some people can love one another for life-champagne.

But wait! if you though that’s where it ended think again, we have now evolved from “never ever going to quit cause quitting’ just aren’t my schtick” to been just one call away that’s right. With today’s R&B we are mostly mad for nothing, fighting for nothing, can’t remember what we’re fighting for and without any thought as to why.  We don’t let go because we don’t know what’s on the other side of the door. Leading to relationship that should have ended years ago, our excuse, it’s never a right time to say goodbye. Now here we are busting windows out of cars, or digging keys into the side of his pretty little four-wheel drive. By the time it’s all said and done we’ll be lucky to have an ice box where our heart use to be. All because you forgot to be her lover, forgot to put that woman first.  So, when she refuses to trust don’t call her crazy, it’s because in her life theirs been too many heartache and pain.

But to be honest there are the few that are send from heaven. When he got it bad, hang up and call right back. When she makes a promise she will never lie to you and he’ll love you till your eyes roll back trying to put you to bed. There is no denying that these era’s are night and day sometimes we’ll end up on the wrong side of the love song. one thing is for sure today’s R&B love song has never been so confused. Torn between leave you alone, think it through, say goodbye or stay and fight. whatever you decide one thing is for sure you can’t keep running away, mixed feelings and bland reason will have you changing your mind or single.


Inspired byVarious Song

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  1. Veemarie says:

    Well said


    1. venicegirl32 says:

      Thank you. keeping checking for more interesting stuff


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