A Love That Love’s You Back

There’s no discrimination when it comes to finding love; we’re all seeking the same thing. In the simplest of life’s curve and turns we’re hoping for love to find us. We find inspiration in the weirdest place, love when we are at our best. This is not just a female issue anymore; the need to feel loved and to connect with someone on a deeper level began before we ever understood the depth of its joy and the span of its misery. Its wild ride all in one breath can take us on a blissful journey without any consideration of distance and time. But did we all somehow forget to understand the patients in love? That it’s not rude and disrespectful but seek always to protect. To build trust, keep hope alive and preserve the essence of who we are.

We make excuses for him, for her “babe I love you, have lost its originality. Have betrayed the tender impulses of love, no longer spanning the depth of the sea but the shallow width of a pond. A love only for what you can get, a convenient truth. This love will never love you back, it’s almost certain to break you down, attempt to steal the very essence of you. It’s a stunted love, no growth exist in this place, no emotionally maturity. Its’s a case of ‘Calamity John,’ who hasn’t recover from his poor me situation. You tell yourself, he has good traits, he’s a good guy ; being tenderhearted to his situation is touching but trying to save him is a waste of time, he will never evolve from the pacifier.

Love should be less about the emotion you feel and more about an individual devotion and action. When you are committed your action reflects that devotion, which amplifies our emotion of true love  in its purest form. When it doesn’t leave you empty, with more questions than answer. He’ll find the time and loyalty comes easy. The more you learn the deeper you fall, all the while aspiring to new heights. We gravitate to what feels familiar and safe but what if love isn’t safe or familiar. If obstacles exist to make us stronger then love must be a battle field of trust a journey towards the unknown. You won’t be afraid or doubt a love that loves you back.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    and this goes for loving oneself.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Good job!😄


  3. moyaaaa says:

    Good job! I really like this one 👏👏 Keep up the good work


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