Scars That Changed Us


Love, relationship, family, friends every humanly possible interaction mold us, break us, harden us, cause us to trust less, make us skeptics or believer. Emotional scars aren’t visible to the naked eyes but you bear them in your heart. They become visible through the prism of self-doubt and fear.

Many successful professionals have a strong, ‘I can take care of myself personality’. Often times because they haven’t found what they would call their equal yoke. Many of us can relate to that wall, no! not the one Donald Trump wants to build to keep immigrants out. But the one many of us have built internally to protect us from being hurt, from appearing fallible to the possibility of love. The same one that hinders our vulnerability in love. You are afraid to be happy, but every once in a while you’ll crack a smile from the text, but it quickly disappears because you fear it won’t last; after all you’ve been here before.

They’re not just scars; they are mile markers of how far we’ve come. They tell the story of your now flat affect. The reason you shoot first without asking the question or waiting for the answer. You don’t wear them on your sleeves, they’re your beautiful chaotic master piece, hidden beneath your smile. They’re your gate keeper, sometimes holding you hostage. They’re the cement in the wall more hardened with time.

But one day they will become your symbol of survival and strength. They will no longer speak for you. You’ll hold the sign up un-apologetically, prove of a battle won. They will tell your story of a kind heart that have felt pain, love, and live to love again. They’re your proof of life,  that love heals not hurt. For today you can love again, and that’s because you’ve been hurt.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    My beautifully chaotic masterpiece. There is just so much in that statement beautiful. you make me smile every time I read you post.


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so amazing. You definitely have a gift I can feel the raw emotion.


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