Lose To Win

If you missed it earlier in the post sharing with all my new followers/readers one of the most read post.


Turn the page on yesterday’s nightmare, eject the reruns the ending doesn’t change, take one last glance at the storm and tell yourself you have nothing left to weather. The tighter you hold on to something’s the more it seems to slip away, the more rules you set the greater the need to break them. So try something you haven’t yet tried, letting go. Free yourself from your own mental unhappiness because at this point the person causing you the most pain is you. The picture you’re painting in your head of a life without him/her is not as bad as you might think; I know this to be true. The void you’re attempting to fill by holding on is a black hole of emptiness, heartache and loneliness. The simple truth is sometimes losing the battle means winning the war.

Clear the path for the amazing guy/girl who is waiting to appreciate the phenomenal person you are, the guy who recognizes the beauty inside of you and wants to show the world what he sees. Too often we become so broken by the past that we allow the Ex-factor to restrain our future happiness. The ache of missing him/her will rear its ugly head at times but use that as a reminder that you deserve to bask in the sea of love, to feel the selfless pleasures of intimacy and brush the flames of  passion.

People often say,” love something enough to let it go because people who are meant to be in your life will always come back regardless of how far they’ve strayed”. The truth is once you get the courage to step back, you will realize that the reason you were holding on to in the first place is neediness and fear of the unknown. Once you begin that journey you’ll realize that the path is a beauty. You will even meet travelers along the way forming new connections as you take time to once again smell the roses. Though the scars of yesterday remains ,you will one day view them with a sense of nostalgia, but you can only do so if you let it go. Allow yourself to once again love without conscience, admire much and leave no passage untaken or you might find yourself regretting a life you can’t take back


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