Does He Rise to the Challenge or Fall in Silence.

Does size really matter? I don’t know. You tell me? Can you ever eat just one chip? Will one lick get you to the center of a tootsie roll? I didn’t think so. I mean, who wants to deep throat an orange anyway? We all secretly just want to choke on it (what?? Just a little/lot), No fun in a short ride but hey, who’s counting the inches anyway? Just Me? I didn’t think so. You know you’ve done the finger test too. If your middle finger overlaps your thumb when you wrap your delicate little fingers around his shaft, Houston, we have a problem. Yes, you have permission to jot that down with his pencil.

I have discovered how important the after effects of sex are. Before I mount my companion, I have to ask “how will this affect me tomorrow?” Will he send me to work skipping like a kid with a shiny, new, large, sweet, throbbing… I mean… tasty,  colorful sucker. We all remember those, right? Mm-mm. Didn’t know you were training already, huh? Me neither. If you haven’t felt him in your womb the next day- honey! We need to get you an upgrade.

For me, size is everything. Even if your skill set doesn’t meet the entry level requirements, at least you can give a girl something to work with. Sit there and let me do my thing. With the right size, curvature and/or girth, I can get to my destination all by myself. Just stop talking and let me concentrate.

For those who are lacking the length of stay, perhaps you can compensate in mileage. Do you have any other skills? You might want to work on those- strengthen your weaknesses people.85% of women feel they can work with it.That doesn’t mean you are to walk into the situation room without skills, or a list of all the things you wont do because of cultural stigma. Dive in and create a puddle if you want to keep her, because the truth is, you have to make up for those short comings. We can always give you instructions but we can’t wish for a bigger brighter you.

Here is something I’ve discovered.There is no full proof way to make it happen and everyone has a different taste. In a poll that was  conducted only about 16% (1 in 6) of women said they could orgasm from  sexual intercourse alone.  82% of them said they could orgasm from oral sex .There  are many other option which I will leave you to explore.

Regardless of size, it’s a process, right? Touch here, lick there, suck this, bite that. Everything leads to pleasure, hopefully.If done correctly, you should arrive at your destination wanting to start again.


Picture courtesy Amsterdam sex museum.

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