Mask Friendships

Two days ago a friend called she said, “I’m OK” there were no other explanation, no previous conversation. She just wanted me to know she was OK so I kept very silent for a while. Not because I was confused about what she meant, but because of the intensity in the tone which left me a little emotional. She didn’t win the lotto, didn’t get engage she just got up feeling content and happy and wanted to share that feeling. This may seem kind of strange but the liberating feeling of joy and happiness that came over me is the reason I have to share. We’re not just friends who have constant conversation about work or when things are bad. It’s the simple fact that in the midst of a profound peace she wanted to share that moment. This kind of serenity is infectious in itself, it’s the kind of peace that does not need explanation.

Sometimes you have to re-evaluate your friends and the people closest to you to see if they stand with you in your truth or on the edge of your next failure. Lately many friendships and association have been tested by the platform raised by race separation and the buffoonery of those who would pin people against each other for their own gain. I didn’t have to stand in my friend’s experience to understand what she felt. A friendship of the heart is one that transcends distance, time and race. The reality is, if you’re not surviving the ocean that separates you physically then consider the possibility that you are no longer persuaded by each other’s worth.

There will always be those who establish friendship with sole purpose of how it benefits them in that moment, only lasting for the achievement of that goal. Remember, the most unique thing about friendship is that you enter into them by choice, there is no structure and the rules are constantly changing. These days’ people are all for more acquaintances than friends, a bond that is prone to death by life’s fickle nature. Hence we should just call it what it is, a commemoration of a single moment, it’s like a one night stand that last too long.


When love and friendship met, love asked, “why do you exist when I already exist?” Friendship smile and said, “to put a smile where you leave only tears”-unknown

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats what I was just talking about…so true


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