Brand New Mercies

This last two month I have been touched by cancer through friends, family and co- workers.It seems every week someone was going through something cancer related so much to the point were I was exhausted.The thing no one ever saw coming , I didn’t see coming was when I got that call the cancer scare had hit even closer to home.There is nothing more scarier than realizing that your 5 year dreams might not come to past, that the tomorrow you’ve been working so hard for may never come.

Brand new mercies is a mentality that should be employed as you rolled out of bed. People always say, I’m living my life to the fullest but are you really? The idea of brand new mercies shouldn’t be a derivative of a tragic event, but a way to approach each day. none of us live everyday to our fullest potential but just think if today was it, would you be proud of your decisions.

Every single moment is new, so our challenge today is to give everyday the opportunity to become the best day. Hold not to the anger , disappointment or failure that hinders brand new mercies.It took a cancer scare for me to realize that this life we are given is precious. Forgive easy, love unconditionally and take nothing for granted.




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