Find The Belief That Guides You To The Outcome You Seek


09/13/2007 I wrote, today am reading my diary my intention is to burn it and write a new chapter. However  I realize that sometimes we need the pass to shape the future. As  I read each pages, I can almost feel the mindset, the raw emotions of that day. I am also reminded of my promise to help someone else. I am reminded that there is a cause greater than myself, that through giving one can open up the soul to a level that makes you want to be and do more. I am reminded of the goals I set for myself, I have achieve one and need to replace it with a new goal. I have learn to accept the things I cannot change, as I look towards the future with renewed hope. Failure is often feared, but the truth is, it’s only an outcome manufactured by an action, an indication to develop and implement a new strategy.

You’re probably feeling the rope burn. The bruises on your hands tells the story of the struggles you’ve endured, and the blisters on your feet, evidence of how far you’ve come. You are tired and you’re not sure of what you’re fighting for anymore, right now you’re thinking I can’t do this anymore. Don’t give up on you. The journey you’ve started, don’t let it all be in vain. Ask yourself what you have to lose? All that time and money you’ve already invested. Maybe you’re  feeling a little intimidated by the position even though you are qualified you haven’t make a move. You know what your deterrents are, pull yourself together,  those at the top weren’t born there. They probably have the same scares, ones of failure and falling, life holds no absolute.

Remember true inspiration can take YOU anywhere.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very inspiring thank you


    1. venicegirl32 says:

      Thank you for reading.If I can motive someone while doing so for myself then it’s all worth it..Keep reading


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for that.


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