When He Quarterback’s Your Life

Finding someone who quarterbacks your life is a single girls dream and a married person’s truth,  he doesn’t fumble on a pass and he can perform a crack back block on any play. When you find a versatile quarterback there’s no complicated play, because he knows how to  maneuver a Hail Mary if things get a little precarious. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a lineman if he knows how to score a touchdown. If you happen to draft less than a quarterback then  coach him, if he’s willing to put in the time then he might be worth it. The truth is sometimes life  will throws us a receiver with alligator arms, however if he possesses characteristic of a quarterback then acknowledge  his worth and make the investment. Here’s  is a reality check men aren’t the only ones who can line up behind the offensive line, as women we are calling the play too, the only question is  can he handle the huddle.

When you play the game play for keeps, so that neither society, culture, nor  sexuality can cause an interception. Not all positions yields good result know your position and what  you’re worth, because if he can’t score a PAT and is always outside the crossbar check him, nobody has time for that. We all know what will happen next, he will try the one side kick his last move to keep you in game the question is do you fall for it. The bootleg play is not acceptable, this endless run around the line of scrimmage eventually gets exhausting, I don’t know about you but I don’t want no rookie moves from a professional player.

Is it too much to ask for a  ‘did you just see that play’, reaction. I say wait for your memorable moment, a quarterback who  isn’t afraid to put  it down in the end zone; I know what you’re thinking but that’s not where am going with this. Fine the guy who makes the play that count.He makes you smile when you’re sitting in the lunch room by yourself and you feel like you’re a part of a  team. Here is another truth even when you’ve gone a whole 58 minutes without at touchdown because you know how he thinks, that he’s got your back with only seconds of the game left you trust him to bring it home .


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  1. Anonymous says:

    HAAHA! So love this.


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