Phuket, Thailand: A place Where the Financial Impossible is Possible.

Devoid of troubling thoughts, the beautiful beaches and ancient buddha statues offers a  soothing calmness of mind and spirit.Thailand a place where the financial impossible is possible.

Begin your travel preparation by checking on the vaccination you will need.Some of the ones you might need based on my experience.

Typhoid Vaccine (Injection)

Hepatitis A (Injection)

Tetanus Shot (Injection)

Malaria Medication (Oral)

Azithromycin (Oral Antibiotic)

I tolerated each medication, No nausea/vomiting or other uncomfortable feeling.

  • Recommendation:

If you are traveling on a budget do not book your excursions through your hotel/Resort. It is 50% cheaper to walk to Karon Beach/Patong/Old Phuket Town for better deals. The Hotel/Resort charge outrageous prices for their excursions.

-Use Airport Taxi shuttle to hotel, it is cheaper than using hotel shuttle service.

-Do not use currency exchange booths in the airport. Withdraw Thai currency (Baht) from the ATM machine at the airport. The ATM have the market exchange rate which is better the currency exchange booths.

  • Excursions in Phuket, Thailand

(1 U.S. Dollar equal 33 Baht)

-ATV/Water Rafting/Elephant Trekking (2000 Baht)

-Phi Phi Island Scuba Diving (2000 Baht)

  • Daily Activities:

-Beach day on Karon Beach

-Party and Shopping in Patong Beach

-Massage ($10.00/Hour)

  • Hotels:

-Karon Beach Hotel

All-Inclusive food (Breakfast and Dinner) plus activities and night shows for families/children. I recommend this hotel to consider before planning your vacation to Phuket, Thailand.

  • Safety:

Like most places caution yourself at night as well throughout the day. There are pickpockets that travel throughout the crowded areas of Patong Beach and Old Phuket Town.

Thailand is a wonderful place full of culture and new memories to create. It is affordable and worth every penny you spend in the country. If you have question about Thailand travel post your comment and I’ll be happy to help. Keep reading for the next travel excursion.



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