The Profound You: Finding Your Purpose

Someone ones said that, “purpose is the reasons we journey but passion is the fire that lights the way” Everyday we get up whether we go to work, school, or stay at home the need to be more do more is what inspires our daily decision. We often struggle with finding the answer to the question of Life’s purpose and how we can maximize our true potential, the answer is not simple, neither is it obvious.The path to finding what truly fulfills us and make life worth living will be met with much frustration and disappointment.People will fail you, friends will betray, parents will disown you and  love will seem out of your reach, but the one person you must never lie to or cheat on is YOU.

‘Troubled with the question of whats his purpose in life, Tommy left home on a quest to uncover his path, so imagine how surprise he was when the path led him home.Trust who you are and in what you feel is right for you, dig deep to connect with the very essence of who you are and the puzzle will fall into place.There are days  when you get up, certain of what you want until a curve ball hits, and that makes you question everything; then fear of the unknown sets in and stifles your dream. ‘Life is a journey and some trips are meant to be taken spontaneously. Don’t sit there stranded in a roller coaster when you are meant to travel and go beyond the horizon’s’- unknown.

Often times we get weighted down by the narrow lens we view the world through, when all we need is to explore the possibilities  we are capable of. There is no perfect square that we fit in, hence we should push our self beyond our normal sensibility.The need to find our purpose means searching for ways to improve our lives, however don’t run so fast and too far that you forget why you began the journey in the first place. Stop to cultivate meaningful relationship, get rid of the things that demand much and gives nothing, gentrify your thoughts and belief from that of your parents, and understand that we all have a purpose. Each of us have two distinct choice to make about what we will do with our life, to be less than we have the capacity to be. To try less, think less, discipline our-self less or to excel beyond our wildest dream.

Go forth, find your purpose, find the belief that will lead you to the outcome you seek. Lets inspire each other along the way; stop to tell your friend they are important to you,tell them they’re doing a good job, let them know you’re there. Remember! no man is an island.

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  1. Randy says:

    I like this😊


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