‘Let Go and Let God’

Whether you believe in God, a Deity or a higher power the phrase ‘Let go and Let God’ is a source of comfort and courage for the things we don’t understand and have yet to figure out.When things are  not going your way it doesn’t mean to give up.Keep handing out those resume and submit the school application even though you haven’t seen the tuition fee yet. Let go off the negative thoughts, the destructive ways and start to believe and trust that hard work brings true joy. I have heard the story told of the girl who walk to school everyday rain or shine, got accepted to college but denied for government help. She never gave up because she believe that there was bigger purpose for her life.One evening as she  was clocking out from the job she had gotten as a nanny she heard her boss trying to figure out a proposal. She saw and offer a suggestion, he was impress and gave her a job as an intern instead; a position that offered tuition subsidy.With her start date two weeks away she was ready, the only thing she needed was tuition and that was now on its way.What am saying is, find the positive, allowing good intention to guide you, reject unselfish behaviors and be mindful of how your actions are preventing your success and destroying the happiness of others.

I don’t believe there is any coincident in life we are placed on a path and have the option to choose our direction. As we allow our-self the inner peace and spiritual freedom, letting go becomes easier.We are often tempted to control everything but the truth is we can’t, how we respond to situation is our true test. No matter what seem to be missing from your life believe in yourself, allow yourself the opportunity to experience what is, to let go off of what use to be, and embrace what is to come. Have the courage to fight through the doubt, the darkest part of the journey is usually just before the end.When the dust settles you would have looked back and be very proud of the person you’ve become.

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