Europe Travel Part II: Endeavor to Journey Through Their Eyes

“Adventure is a path. It forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world the way it is, not the way you imagine it…..This will change you. Nothing will ever again be black-and-white.” – Mark Jenkins

Travel never ends the way it begins. first we travel to get away from the norm, to experience the world a culture beyond our own, to taste the simplicity in the way others live. But in the midst of all we seek, we sometimes stumble upon life most memorable moment. Experiencing  the world from a different standpoint is the ultimate discovery. When you strip away the need to act superior and immerse yourself in their culture, learning to speak their language, and  taking the time to understand their story it creates a bond.Whether its understanding  the history of the line in the Berlin road or  Irish folklore natives become more open when they see your appreciation for their culture.

From the Lira to the NOK one thing was always consistent people trying to get to and from work, and that made me wonder about my life back home. How often I got tunnel vision, so focus on just getting to work that I fail to notice the newly erected building at the end of the street, or even other travelers taking in the simple pleasure right here. With every good morning comes a new fascinating encounter, the hairstylist from Seychelles who talks about the Legend of Coco De Mer,’ as I ran my hands over the clearly define parts of the flower one male one female it was just breathtaking.  A stroll in Dam square exudes a feeling of freedom as you take a breath, the smell of waffle and the sound of bird chirping forces you to sit, close your eyes and just be.  A city that looks too small for all the people in it, the sidewalk  is always cramped. As you skip out of the bike lane to avoid been hit, it feels like the world is your stage and no one care to judge you.The truth is watching the 70 yr old couple hand in hand climbing to the top of the acropolis, or the four friends in their 60’s who dines every morning at the same cafe was heart warming. The simple truth in which they live is what life should be about, not living in a house you can’t afford  or driving a car that cost a house while you live in your parent’s basement.

Until I got back I had completely forgotten about driving, after all I haven’t driven  in over a month. Between trains, buses ,bike, walking and tram getting around was simple.Don’t rely too much on google map and GPS location, get a hard copy map and hope you have someone who has a sense of direction because phone carriers can be unreliable.”As you travel abroad or at home take the time to exist in the moment. After all traveling is not just about saying you’ve been there but also experiencing the serenity in the new backdrop”.

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