He Say You’re Just A Friend

He calls, you answer.You call, he doesn’t answer. He text, you respond. You text, well you’re lucky if he get back with you tomorrow. He wants to grab a drink, you’re down.Wanting things we can’t have  and ignoring what is been given seem to be the trend these days. Whats wrong with women always trying so hard to get with guys who doesn’t want to get with them. Its not because anything is wrong with you, but he is not attracted to you that way. What’s wrong with guys who take advantage of girls who are vulnerable to those rock hard abs, sexy smile and charming ways. If she is not strong enough to  resist the 50 shade of grey scene she’s created in her head then be a gentleman and give her some space. Be that gentlemen and remind her how important your friendship is, always make it clear where you stand. Its easy to confuse niceness for weakness and friendliness for  flirtation.Here’s an idea lets keep it simple and take it for what it is.

The same game has been played for centuries; a girl says she’s had enough he think she’s about to leave so, he gives her just enough hope to  keep her but not enough to commit. Don’t ever let a guy who gives you signals of been just a friend today and a boyfriend tomorrow direct your feeling and drive your emotions. Keep him guessing about what you are feeling until he can man up and say how he feels, and what he wants. In the mean time don’t wait for a low hanging fruit under a ‘friend umbrella’. Don’t act on the assumption that he is attracted to you, let him tell you or move on.This is not a ploy to get his attention, but you genuinely moving on. How much time does one person need to figure it out. Well I guess you have your whole life but don’t expect that she will wait for you to get it right.

The reality is you know you’re just a friend when he/she takes time to arrange dates for you. He/she gets comfortable talking about a romantic interest; no he is not trying to make you jealous he really wants your opinion. When he openly admire the sexy attractive girl at the next table.These are all signs that he doesn’t dig you romantically. Stop fooling yourself that he will come around or give meaning to the little things he does. Stop making yourself so available unless you’re ok being in the friend zone. If he say you’re just a friend then be just a friend.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is what human connection is about. getting our hearts broken,getting it wrong, finding friends,forgetting them we move through life changing friends, gaining family and losing them all at the same time.Not wanting to appear weak,vulnerable,not wanting him or her to see you cry.We don’t take change so what if you lose a friend or someone you thought was your friend? Tomorrow you will go on, and in a month you’ll forget what you were broken up about or maybe his name.Tell him/her this is how i feel about you and i cant be just your friend.


  2. Anonymous says:

    well written couldnt say it any better !!!


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