Its Complicated.

Your status says complicated why? un-complicate it, because the clock won’t stop for you to figure it out.

If  it’s a guy, a girl or career go for it or delete it, but don’t let people or society dictates your next move. That’s easy to  say true, but think about how much time you have invested in the guy who doesn’t introduce you to his friends, who you can never get a hold of; but your’re always available,who only comes to see you after 10pm and is always 20 feet ahead of you when your out during the day.

Complication 2

So you are friends with the guy there is a clear attraction between you two, however his culture dictates that you be of  certain race, from the same cast, or religious affiliation the problem is you don’t fit into any of these category, so what now?

complication 3

Real talk! lately My girlfriends and I have had discussions about this, we are still no closer to an answer. A little about them, they are all young professional who are financially independent,they all have degrees and are secure in their 9 to 5.One common topic echos among them.They meet guys who are rooted in their culture and is conflicted about dating outside that. Guys who are totally into them but are not on their level. Meaning you really cant take them to a work dinner for fear of embarrassment and  finally  amazing guys who can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation, pays attention to the small details and make them forget themselves when they laugh.They however are on the fence trying to figure out where they fit in.

Complication 4

How frustrating does it become when you can see the desire in his eyes,the close calls on movie night, the electricity that cause you to shudder when you accidentally brush up again each other and you wonder if your eyes are betraying what you’re feeling.You want to stop being friends because the more you hang around each other the more intense the feeling become.You cant express that feeling because you are afraid of ruining a friendship, but you secretly wish you knew exactly what he was feeling.

I wish I had something profound to say to them but I don’t.On this I feel there is no right answer you either take a chance on what you’re feeling or a friendship vacation.An opportunity to look at the situation from a distance and decide the risk and reward.

I would love to get some opinion on this one seriously.Maybe you have been there, I don’t know but am sure another view on ways to approach this might help someone.

P.S you don’t need to put email or name. Keep reading and keep sharing.Thank you

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do I feel like i’m in the “all of the above” category?


    1. venicegirl32 says:

      Lol! because maybe you are.I like to do something ones a year call ‘taking stock of my life.’ this is where I hit delete or save on the people in my life.If its not motivating you,teaching you, inspiring you or bring out the best you then DELETE.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m all for the seasonal deletion. ..and if that button fails I’m known for hitting yhe edit button n revoking the all access pass


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