The Best of You

Traveling the path that makes us happy comes easy for some, others however struggle with the reality of what is required of us, what society tells us and pleasing those who depends on us.We all need a little help choosing our path and staying grounded when the journey is realized.Some people spend most of there lives preparing for the day when their dream becomes a reality, I say right on.Their is no co-incidents in life there are actions and reaction, no luck, just a bridge where preparation connects opportunity to success.

I could probably say don’t give up, no matter how many time you fail try again and you can only be beaten if you don’t get back up.These are all well-know saying meant to inspire us, Yet unless we are reminded we often forget.Life doesn’t offer any do-overs, if we are lucky sometimes a second chance.In other words always attempt everything with the best you.In a society that shows us the darkness we as individual are capable of,we must strive to be the hope that tomorrow will stand on.

As you reflect on the past year with renewed hope and unwavering determination to be better, do better, and accept only the best. Lets also be reminded  of the solution we once hope to be. So today when we venture into the world do something different. Instead of arguing with the cop who pulls you over just hand him your documents,instead of cursing the person who cuts in front of you let them go.There has been too many heavy hearts lately so lets strive to be that person in the pages of your diary who once believe they could change the world.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happiness does come with a price that sometimes we paided for, whether its from simple learning, or making hard decisions. The result at the end of the day is the fact that we are happy.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great read .😊


  3. vjgoldrn8727 says:

    Happiness Starts with appreciation of the simple things in Life ☺️… Great Document….


    1. venicegirl32 says:

      keep reading N. keep sharing.


  4. venicegirl32 says:

    Reblogged this on motive4love and commented:

    Happy New Year ! Thanks for supporting and reading my blog. Follow me on my journey in 2016.


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