Clinical Trials of a Friend

Proving yourself is  the only clinical trials for friendship, with years of walking the dusty old roads of disagreement,betrayal and love.You however connect on a deeper level of knowing what each other like to drink,your capacity of tolerance,what you really mean when you say,’I am good’, in a low tone or how important a phone call is depending on the time of day.

Finding that individual who understands you is  not as simple as you might think because as individual we evolve, our likes/dislikes change.With knowledge comes a greater understanding of the world and the dysfunction that exist.Our experience brings new meaning to life and if we are lucky the cruelty of humanity doesn’t drown out the light of who we once were.When you find a kindred spirit, a force outside of oneself or someone that really do for you what they would do for themselves; cherish it, so that in time when day of withdrawal comes you wont be in the red.

It was only a few weeks ago in Istanbul, Turkey my friend and I met an amazing gentlemen 75 years of age (he looks nothing like 75) on a dinner cruise.He spoke with such avidity about his friend of 45 years, whom he  just appreciates for many reason.They vacation together, often times with their spouses and they also co- own a vacation home.The take away however is the fire in his eyes as he talks about understanding each other, experiencing each  other culture and that the sanctity of a friendship is built on truth(his friend is Jamaican).He also jokes about his friend response when he finds out he had left for Turkey.

A friend who have been through a clinical trial knows what works.In medicine we are left with best practices but for friendship the end result is your best friend.

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