Europe Travel Part I

Traveling to Europe is a dream that most have but never complete because life sometimes gets in the way. Life will always happen you have to just do it and luckily if you happen to have a friend like me they wont let you change your mine. For most people when they think about this trip the first thing that will come to mind is I cant afford it, yes you can.Traveling does not have to be that expensive do your research and the sky is your limit.

Tips for traveling to Europe:

So the most expensive part of your trip will be the flight from home and back if international. How to circumvent some of that expense is simple. Instead of looking for flights from home to your Europe destination check from other cities it might be easier to fly from home to another state then to Europe (often cheaper). Once you’re in Europe everything is a cake walk, tram ride or flight. Public transportation is easily accessible and runs at least every 5 minutes(accessibility will depends on where you stay). Flights within Europe is inexpensive and unlike the U.S getting from one country to the next takes approximately 2-3 hrs flight.Don’t be fool size matters!your carry on will be considerable smaller than what they allow in the U.S. and no, you wont get away with carrying on an extra bag so better to be prepare. Otherwise baggage fees will start to get expensive real fast(speaking from experience).

Where to stay:

Most people will do hostel not my personal favorite but its inexpensive and if you don’t mind sharing bathroom and bunking then this is for you. My recommendation Airbnb, like anything else some can be disappointing. I have had one miss out of my entire trip( booked 5 countries).Utilize the discount you get after booking a flight sites like travelocity will offer discount hotel after booking.One important thing to note is, if this is a family trip Airbnb is a better option.What you get is an entire apartment completely furnish with everything, so you can make meals and do laundry etc.


The most conflicting part of the trip. Unfortunately you can’t take your whole closet especially if your backpacking through several countries.The first thing to keep in mind you will accumulate stuff i.e., more clothes,shoes souvenirs and other shenanigans. Don’t over pack leave room. Two outfit for special occasion(dress),two pants, two shorts, tees,tanks and flat shoes.

Don’t try it! those heels are not forgiving maybe one for the outfit. ladies I know this is difficult but unless you plan to uber your way out of your budget flat comfortable sneakers/sandals it is. I say as many underwear don’t forget if you stay in Airbnb you will be able to do your laundry. No, don’t forget your jacket it is always cold somewhere and if you are unlucky like me you might end up in Newfoundland longer than you expect.

I almost forgot ladies if you have hair extension and you’re staying longer than 1 -2 weeks make sure you have your tools for touch up, things might get a little’ hairy’ trying to fine products.

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