2ND Class Love

So your relationship is new he tells you from the jump he’s not the marrying type do you stay or go. I think men often tell us exactly what they are looking for in a relationship but as women we don’t often listen very well. An interesting question someone once ask me is, if I feel like a second class resident in my relationship. So what exactly makes us a second rate resident in the relationship its simple.When you feel the need to go through his phone, to know what he is doing every moment throughout the day.When he/she doesn’t feel the need to spend his very limited free time with you, when he spends his alone time on the phone or Facebook.

Too often  ladies get comfortable on pause, you become the ‘just in case friend.’ Reason, he is holding out just in case he finds someone he thinks is slightly better than you in some capacity or at least that’s what he thinks.When the lines of your so-called friendship is blurred do you remain or is it better to shave of the limb that has now become ‘shade’. No!I am not an expert and I don’t have the answers. I am just a girl who knows what I want. I am not trying to find myself, I already know who I am.

One thing I’ve been hearing from discussions lately is the statement, ‘I am just trying to find out who I am’.Well the truth is when you find someone who makes you feel deeply, makes you spend extra time in the mirror or excited about your day they will want to give love a try.Hence finding out who you are will be a journey for two.They will drive 2 hrs to get to you or sit through a puppet show.

All am saying is if you find yourself going through his phone, following him in your girlfriends car, or calling him from a spoof number something has change. Maybe you’ve  been relocated to second class. My method from experience always express yourself, communicating how you feel can change things. Be that intelligent women and express your feelings don’t be afraid and don’t compromise your ‘bottom line’, a vegetable diet is not so bad.

I am not an expert and this is not advise.

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  1. nadia says:



  2. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes second class was all they ever were


    1. venicegirl32 says:

      Interesting take..this is not what drake meant when he said starting from the bottom.


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