A friend in Need or a Friend Indeed?

I once ask a friend if I was missing how far would you go to find me? Her answer, I wouldn’t quit my job and go looking but I would definitely search for you until I was somewhat satisfied of the search result.I think the real question is if you were missing would your friends notice or would they think you were ignoring their calls?I have a very small circle of friends a strategic move on my part to avoid the proverbial knife in my back or the need to go on social media to clear things up and set the record straight.

Who do you consider your friends? the person you hangout with all the time but does not reveal your deepest secret to,the guy or girl you eat lunch with at work, the person you met only recently but you both feel comfortable with each other enough to freely discuss anything, or does  decades of knowing each other trumps all other qualification.I am a ride or die friend, we might not talk all the time but my friend understands I have their back,we might be separated by the Atlantic but when we meet up its like we never left, and when I say whats up with you and they say girl!I know to get comfortable.The naked truth is true friends don’t see flaws they see character,they speak not as a lecturer but a supporter and they make you want to be the best you.

Back in the days we use to walk each other home back and forth until we decide stopping in the middle was probably a better idea.what is your best, best-friend moment?is there even such a thing anymore or do we just have people we share common interest with.

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  1. Claudia Bailey says:

    Love it! This can later help me in the future to find a good friend.


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